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NCAS within NHS Resolution

The National Clinical Assessment Service (NCAS) has been an operating division of NHS Resolution (the operating name of NHS Litigation Authority, [NHS LA]) since 2013. 

As part of NHS Resolution, NCAS is able to focus on the shared common purpose of providing expertise to the NHS on resolving concerns fairly, share learning for improvement and preserve resources for patient care.


For more information on our five year strategy please see our NHS Resolution website – resolution.nhs.uk.


NCAS’s mission is to bring expertise to the resolution of concerns about professional practice and, in doing so, improve patient safety. Since we were set up in 2001 we have assisted employers and contracting bodies in the management of over 10000 referrals across the UK. At any time NCAS is working with around 70% of NHS organisations and each year about three in four organisations make new referrals to us.


NCAS services are available to NHS organisations in:


Wales; and

Northern Ireland.


Services continue to be provided to:

Crown dependencies of Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man;

the independent health care sector; 

Defence Medical Services;

Medical Council of Ireland; and

General Dental Council.


NCAS Management Team

NCAS is managed by a Core Operational Group (COG) who report to the NHS Resolution Senior Management Team and, through the Director of NCAS, the NHS Resolution Board. COG ensures NCAS provides an efficient and effective service to the NHS and other service users to protect the public, support practitioners and minimise risks to patient safety, provides strategic direction and leadership to NCAS and oversees the operational activities of NCAS within NHS Resolution governance framework.


Members of COG include: 


Vicky Voller, Director of NCAS

Vicky is Director of NCAS (since July 2015) and is responsible for leading the strategic direction and operational delivery of the NCAS’s key services to resolve concerns about practitioner performance. She has worked at NCAS since 2004, her last role prior to becoming Director of NCAS was Head of Education and Learning, where she managed the external education, internal training and development and assessor training and development functions.


Previously she worked at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development where she led on the development of new certificates and course programmes. She has a special interest in education and organisational development.


Sanjay Sekhri, Head of Operations 

Sanjay is Head of Operations at NCAS, having responsibility for a range of specialist service delivery functions across the division. Sanjay has previously held a number of other specialist casework and management positions within the division and, prior to joining NCAS, was responsible for handling high sensitivity cases at the Charity Commission: the government department responsible for the regulation of the charitable sector.


Karen Wadman, Lead Adviser 

Karen has worked in human resources (HR) within the NHS for over 30 years, latterly as Head of HR at Dorset County Hospital and as a consultant with a specialist interest in medical management. She joined NCAS in 2002 as an adviser in secondary care and subsequently became Lead Adviser for the Adviser Team where she is responsible for the oversight and development of the advice service and in particular new service areas such as mediation.


Karen is one of two advisers with a specific background in HR and has been instrumental in contributing to the development of internal policies and systems within NCAS and at national level. Karen is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) with an MSc in Personnel Management and is an accredited NLP practitioner, mediator and coach.


Prof Linda Prescott-Clements, Lead Assessment & Intervention Adviser 

Linda joined NCAS as the Lead Assessment & Intervention Adviser in August 2015, and is responsible for developing the A&I service to ensure that the methods we use are robust and represent international best practice. She leads on the quality assurance of assessment and intervention services, through a programme of research, development and evaluation.


Linda has a Masters and PhD in Medical Education from Maastricht University, and has specialised in workplace-based assessment for 15 years. She has published widely in the field, and has previously held educational leadership positions both in the NHS, and at University as Professor of Professional Education.


Dr Alison Budd, Senior Adviser (England) and Responsible Officer for the NHS Resolution

Alison has worked as a consultant in anaesthetics and critical care in three Trusts; she also has overseas experience. She has held a number of educational and clinical managerial positions, most recently as a Medical Director. As Medical Director Alison was the executive lead for all issues relating to clinical quality and safety and was part of the team leading the development of an integrated care organisation encompassing secondary care, community services and adult social care. Throughout her medical managerial career Alison was involved in managing performance issues and moved to NCAS as a full time adviser in 2012.


Alison’s areas of interest include medical simulation in training and medical law and ethics. Alison now works part-time, focusing mainly on secondary care and management of the adviser team, and is one of NCAS’s trained mediators.