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Our advisers

NCAS has developed a model of working based on the allocation of a named adviser for each NHS organisation that we work, known as the link adviser.  The link adviser's role provides the opportunity to build a more focused and tailored relationship and to develop knowledge about individual organisations and the way in which they work. Below is a list of the advisers and the organisations they each work with.    


The NCAS Adviser Team comprises senior staff from a variety of backgrounds in the clinical, managerial and legal professions. All our advisers have considerable experience in handling concerns about professional practice. Advisers provide telephone or face to face advice and will confirm and supplement the advice given orally in a letter to you following the call. Advisers remain responsible for the NCAS contribution to the case throughout our involvement.


We work to: 

  • establish good links with all health and social care organisations to support resolution of concerns about the performance of practitioners, therefore improving patient safety
  • provide expert, neutral and independent advice, support and critique on handling complex concerns, including those which involve exclusion, suspension or restriction of practice
  • deliver a service tailored to the needs of service users
  • promote, advise and contribute to the development of knowledge and skills throughout the NHS on identifying, managing and preventing performance concerns.


Our advisers are: