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What we do

Case management

Access to all our services is through the case management team. Case management forms the core of our activity. 


We respond to around 1,000 requests for help each year. We aim to help the organisation or individual practitioner contacting us to address the concerns and bring them to a resolution. 

We will provide specialist advice on local process and access to NCAS services that may be needed for the particular case. 

These may include:


  • case conferences and advice on local investigation

  • suspension or exclusion

  • health professionals alert notices

  • mediation

  • performance assessment

  • health assessment

  • assessment of behavioural concerns

  • assessment of communicative competence

  • Professional Support and Remediation services

  • team review

  • local review.


Effective local procedures

In addition to services that should help resolve particular concerns, NCAS also advises on how to develop effective local governance procedures.

Educational workshops and web-based resources

NCAS runs educational workshops across the UK to help those dealing with concerns about practitioner performance to develop their skills in this field. Web-based resources are also available. 

We analyse patterns of referrals, seek feedback from users of our services and review outcomes from our work, in order to develop improved services.

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