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Previous conferences

Resources from previous annual conferences, which can be used for educational purposes and may form the basis of postgraduate education meetings and seminars.


NCAS Annual Conference 2011: Disruptive behaviour – Tackling concerns about practitioner behaviour

NCAS Tenth Annual Conference, 3 February 2010, London

Focused on helping those who deal first-hand with concerns about a practitioner’s behaviour, to identify and respond to concerns which have been raised. 

The conference drew on NCAS' experience in about 1,000 cases each year from three-quarters of all NHS organisations. Over 60% of cases referred to NCAS include concerns about the behaviour of a practitioner, sometimes within a challenging or dysfunctional team or organisation. 

NCAS is well-established in the UK as a resource for health organisations, to help resolve concerns about the performance of doctors, dentists or pharmacists. In addition to the NHS across the UK, we cover the associated Island States, the independent sector and the Defence Medical Services. 

The conference report and presentation materials:  


Plenary presentations:
  • Disruptive behaviour – symptom, cause or both?  Dr Gwen Adshead, Dr Deborah Bowman, Dr Jenny King and Professor Alastair Scotland 
  • The challenge of leadership: Beware the dark side  Professor Adrian Furnham 


Parallel streams: Identifying and tackling concerns about practitioner behaviour


Guidebook for managing disruptive physician behaviour

Produced by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) and the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA), this guidebook offers some tools for managing disruptive behaviour. The authors hope these tools will be useful to those who work in a variety of educational and health care delivery settings. Most of the tools will need to be adapted to suit the setting in which they are applied. Download the guidebook.


NCAS Annual Conference: Challenges & opportunities 2010: Responding to concerns about practitioner performance

NCAS Ninth Annual Conference, 30 March 2010, London

Focused on how performance concerns can continue to be managed effectively within the changing context of regulatory reform, uncertainties about public sector funding and likely increased pressure on services. 

The conference drew on NCAS' experience in dealing with over 6,500 cases during the last nine years, providing advice to almost all NHS organisations throughout the UK and associated Island States, along with the independent sector and Defence Medical Services.


Conference report and presentation materials:


Plenary presentations: 


Parallel streams: Responding to concerns


NCAS Annual Conference 2009: Professionalism - dilemmas and lapses

NCAS' Eighth Annual Conference, 2 March 2009, London

Professionalism in doctors, dentists and pharmacists; dilemmas and lapses in professionalism, particularly those coming to the attention of NCAS and how these lapses can be identified and managed. 


Conference report and presentation materials: 


Plenary presentations: 


Parallel streams: Handling dilemmas and lapses:


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