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NCAS is currently reviewing all guidance papers and publications dealing with policy and operational matters. Contact our advisory team for the latest information. 

Our publications cover: 



See our Publication Scheme for more corporate publications and information about NCAS as an organisation. 


Helping you manage performance concerns


Casework statistics 

Overview of NCAS casework, published September 2009:


Follow-up work on equality and diversity monitoring:


Regular NCAS casework activity reports - how many referrals, how many referrers, nature of concerns, case completions and outcomes:



Regular reports on use of NHS exclusion and suspension from work amongst doctors and dentists in England - how many practitioners, duration of episodes, grounds for use and methods of resolution:



See also our publication plan for statistics.




Evaluation, research and development


How we're run - corporate publications


Casework statistics


Corporate - NPSA



Corporate - NCAA (2001/02-2004/05)